Rolls Royce Silver Shadow & Bentley T series


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The first letter of the car serial number denotes the body styling:

S            Standard saloon (Standard sedan in the USA)

C            Two-door saloon (Two-door coupe in the USA)

D            Convertible

L             Long wheelbase saloon (Long wheelbase formal sedan in the USA)

P             Phantom VI

J             Camargue


The second letter differentiates Silver Shadow motor cars from the Bentley T series:

R             Rolls-Royce

B             Bentley

The third letter denotes whether the car is left or right hand drive:

X         Left hand drive (not applicable to North American cars after 1972)

H         Right hand drive

A         North America 1972 model year

B         North America 1973 model year

C         North America 1974 model year

D         North America 1975 model year

E         North America 1976 model year

F         North America 1977 model year

G         North America 1978 model year

K         North America 1979 model year

L         North America 1980 model year


Notes: In addition, a letter 'C; is used as suffix letter after the car serial number to indicate that the vehicle has been produced to the 1980 Californian specification.

All coach built cars were denoted by the prefix C up to car serial  number CRX 6646. Convertibles cars produced after CRX 6646 however, are denoted by the prefix D (e.g DRX), while Two-door saloons continue to be denoted by the prefix C.

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Release dates Modification Modification introduced at
 Sept. 1965  Harmonic damper to crossmember  1060
   5/8 inches diameter heating system  1365
   Lighter brake pedal  1467
   Steel accumulator casing  1740
 Aug. 1966  Chilled Iron tappets  2499
   Stiffened tappet cover  2639
   Starter disconnected from split parking  2641
   88°C thermostat  2832
   Drain hole In starter motor  2951
 Oct. 1967  Saginaw steering pump all cars  3000
   Ankle freezer deleted from front passenger compartment  3034
   Breather on gearbox actuator  3253 
   New boot lid seal  3369
   Additional dram holes in body  3508
   Fixed quarter light  3552
   Reverse gear lock relay deleted  3969
 Apr. 1968  Brake linkage pivot pins  4084
   Simpler sealing in rear rams  4129
   Stiffened bell housing  4316
   Thicker battery cable  4386
   Revised handbrake  4469
   All cars - GM 400 transmission  4483
   No cars produced after 4874 until 5001  4874
   New alternator fan  5192
   New locking strip, side steering levers  5512
   No cars produced after 5603 until 6000  5603
 Mar. 1968  Viscous coupling on fan  6300
   New windscreen washer  6300
   Higher steering ratio  6429
   Hub yoke nut with higher tightening torque  6545
   Inhibitor tablets in fuel tank  6725
   Flat ledge rim road wheels  6771
   All bodies to FSS spec.  6792
   Bleed valve in ‘G’ valve  6996
 Aug. 1969 Strengthened accumulator clamping ring  7152
   Longer bonnet locating dowels  7209
   Split pm in steering box  7318
   Swing needle carburetters  7325
   Front height control deleted  7404
   A.C.U. on all cars, C.A.V. alternator & Permanent magnet wiper motor  7500
   Steel fan cowl  7532
   Modified battery cover  7600
   Stainless exhaust  7620
   Strengthened handbrake caliper  7650
   Tinterne petrol tanks  7694
   15 lb sq/tn relief header tank  7824
   Hot idle compensator  7850
   Modified hazard warning swatch  7904
   Rigid pump to accumulator pipes  7917
 Dec. 1969  Modified indicator switch  8000
   Repositioned sill control tads  8101
   Hardened seat In accumulator  8200
   Smaller steering wheel  8222
   Flexible hose with stainless cover  8254
   Woodville diaphragm In accumulator  8510
   Ankle freezer deleted, right-hand  8532
   Asymmetric alternator fan  8569
   Increased clearance seat to console  8601
   6 3/4 litre engine  8742
   No cars produced after 8861 until 9001  8861
 June 1970 Additional radio suppression  9001
   Spigotted road heels  9113
   Wick In battery box  9131
   European suspension -all but USA  9200
   Anti-roll baron coachbuilt  9240
   New brake calipers  9380
   Increased height control sensitivity  9393
   Whites speedometer drive  9400
   New windscreen wiper box  9577
   Steel distribution valve  9584
   New front seat mechanism  9630
   Centralised door locking  9658
   New ‘0’ ring in brake pump  9678
   All coachbuilt cars to Corniche specification  9770
   Trico windscreen washer  9898
   New camshaft  9900
   Strengthened torque arm  9912
   New petrol pipe clap  9936
 Jan. 1971 Raw edge fan belts  10000
   Terylene fan belts  10245
   Speed control optional  10322
   Window in battery box  10346
   Wash-wipe system  10400
   Ventilated front wheel discs  10500
   Improved VHF suppression  10550
   Balanced rotor and vented distributor  10600
   Triangle levers to clear exhaust  10851
 June 1971  Green brake fluid  11130
   Lighter brake pedal (USA & Canada)  11155
   Modified distributor  11173
   1.2:1 fan (Improved hoses)  11200
   Long stroke dampers  11466
   17 5 1 steering ratio  11501
   Mk V speedometer head  11600
   Aluminium door lock roller  11690
   Ashtray in top roll  11792
   Larger tappets housing brake pump  11800
   1971 package deal & New switchbox casing  11882
   Press-In wheel studs  11900
   Modified height control valve  11970
 Nov. 1971  Improved rear seat  12000
   Dagenite white top battery (except USA)  12380
   Kangol seat belts (USA only)  12428
   New door striker plate  12481
   Rigid pipes 0.375 in. O.D pump to accumulator  12490
   Tudor windscreen washer bottle  12566
   New piston ring material  12657
   New windscreen wiper and panel switch  12720
   Rofan alternator belt  12728
   Corniche compliant front suspension  12734
   Improved controls labelling  12760
   Nylon ball in accumulator deleted  12800
   Modified expansion tank  12858
   Simplified radio mounting  12888
 Feb. 1972  Rofan fan belts  13000
   New distributor advance for full emission control engines  13051
   Phillips double cone speaker  13178
   Spherical faced cam follower  13326
   Compliant front suspension (all cars)  13485
   1972 electrical package deal  13754
   Lighter brake pedal (Comiche)  13861
   Weakener cut-off switch in choke hsg.  13880
   New rear calipers (export Corniche)  13922
 Sept. 1972  Stale air outlet  14087
   Improved speed control connection  14122
   Silastic seal on valve collets  14198
   New heater tap hoses  14472
   Smaller air silencer  14543
   Introduction of Camargue  14674
   Steering column heat shield  14746
   Metric calipers M170 pads (coachbuilt)  14889
   1973 Detox regulations  14954
   Modified hydraulic fluid reservoir  14980
 Feb. 1973 Larger brake ‘On’ stop (American saloon)  15059
   Actuator vent into heater duct  15302
   Improved door hanging (Corniche)  15487
   1/4 in. UNF accelerator pedal clamping bolt  15630
   Castrol RR363 hydraulic fluid  15638
   Vented front discs M170 pads (LWB)  15815
   Lighter brake pedal  15854
   H/Lamp wash/wipe (Swedish cars)  15855
   increased silent padding (Saloon OTA)  15890
   15” timing marks  15941
   All vented front brake discs M170 pads  15950
 June 1973  Headrest fitting in seat back (approx. Std.)  16000
   Foot operated parking brake LH  16079
   90:1 sensitivity HC system  16130
   1973 package steering column  16174
   1973 package deal  16214
   Alloy spring pot cover  16452
   Improved speedometer cable (saloon)  16458
   Blue spot tape player  16503
   Polyester woodwork - Coniche  16576
   Improved speedometer cable (coach-built)  16576
   Strengthened toque arm bkt (approx.)  16600
   Deeper fan spigot (LWB)  16657
   Compliant side steering lever (saloon)  16666
   Improved front engine cover (LWB)  16672
   Plastic bulls-eye (LWB)  16685
   Hydraulic anti-surge baffle  16699
   Elimination of overload on fuse 5 & Vinyl top dressing (LWB)  16877
   FD crossmember with through bolts (LWB)  16928
 Oct. 1973  Oil hangup mod (convertible)  17056
   Carpets with Velcro except LW8  17072
   Compliant side steering fever (Corniche)  17100
   Oil hang-up mod (Corniche saloon)  17270
   New fuel pipe run  17381
   Additional dashboard drain  17408
   Deletion of throttle stop (Corniche)  17509
   1974 Detox regs. (Corniche)  17515
   Mirror, s/control, tape, h/rest (standard)  17518
   Deletion of key warning buzzer (OTA Corniche)  17567
   Deletion of throttle step (standard)  17571
   New Bosch radio  17619
   1974 Detox regs. (Saloon)  17629
   Deletion of key warning buzzer (OTA saloon)  17672
   Oil hang-up mod (standard)  17768
   Deletion of charging plug  17885
   Deletion of two level lighting (Corniche)  17919
   Deeper fan spigot (Corniche)  17990
 Feb. 1974 Repositioned G valve screw (Camargue)  18157
   Deeper fan spigot (standard)  18171
   Improved front engine cover (coachbuilt)  18227
   Improved front engine cover (SWB)  18254
   1974 package phase 1 - wide track (saloon)  18269
   Plastic bulls-eyes (saloon)  18270
   Sundym standard (saloon. except UK, Germany & Australia)  18340
   Improved carburetter T piece (SWB)  18436
   Elimination of overload on fuse 5 (SWB)  18525
   Vinyl top dressing (4 door saloon)  18552
   1974 package phase 1-wide track (Corniche)  18563
   Softer engine mountings (Camargue)  18626
   FD crossmember with through bolts  18627
   Radiator shell mounting bolts USA (SW8)  18670
   Improved brake disc crimping (standard)  18836
   KPH speedo’s Australia (SWB)  18865
   Improved brake disc crimping (convertible)  18878
   Improved brake disc crimping (Corniche saloon)  18935
 June 1974  Improved mascot (LWB)  19037
   Improved brake disc crimping (LWB)  19063
   KPH speedo’s Australta (LWB)  19076
   Pioneer QP444 tape player (Camargue)  19088
   Throttle levers (Camargue)  19094
   Repositioned G valve screw (LWB)  19121
   Repositioned G valve screw (SWB)  19201
   Repositioned G valve screw (coachbuilt)  19232
   KPH speedo’s Australia (coachbuilt)  19289
   Preservative coated brake discs (LWB)  19378
   Preservative coated brake discs (coachbuilt)  19419
   Softer engine mountings (LWB)  19443
   Australian type top roll to all SWB  19498
   Softer seat for starter interlock (LWB)  19535
   Improved mascot location & Long wheelbase non division HR70HR15  19577
   Australian top roll to all LWB  19605
   Preservative coated brake discs (SWB)  19615
   Long wheelbase division HR7OHR15  19640
   Device to prevent premature illumination of brake fluid warning light (LWB)  19668
   Shorter wheel studs (Camargue)  19673
   New hoses (brake)  19700
   Pioneer QP444 tape player (coachbuilt)  19731
   First Solex and Opus (Camargue)  19741
   Pioneer QP444 tape player (LWB)  19754
   New switch diaphragm  19800
   Softer seat for starter interlock (SWB)  19893
 Nov. 1974  Shorter wheel studs (LWB)  20012
   Rocker type companion switch  20019
   Pioneer QP444 tape player (SWB)  20058
   Shorter wheel studs (coachbuilt)  20120
   Centre exit manifold/catalyst (coachbuilt)  20171
   Shorter wheel studs (SWB)  20181
   Improved CDL  20200
   Device to prevent premature illumination of brake fluid warning (SWB)  20201
   Modded thermostat coil assv (coachbuilt)  20345
   Modded thermostat coil assy (LWB)  20579
   Centre exit manifold/catalyst (LWB)  20628
   Mod&d thermostat assy (SWB)  20665
   Seat belt warning (USA coachbuilt)  20712
   Centre exit manifold/catalyst (SWB)  20755
   1975 specification (Japan)  20797
 Feb. 1975 Halogen bulbs - all LH cars except Sweden & USA  21104
   Seat belt warning (USA SWB)  21177
   Modded throttle levers (coachbuilt)  21324
   Modded throttle levers (LWB)  21366
   Modded throttle levers (SWB)  21441
   Corniche cars (USA) - with automatic air conditioning unit, new facia/instrument board and fuel vapour emission control  21729
   Prestone UT184 anti-freeze (OTA LWB)  21933
   Corniche cars (OTA) - with automatic air conditioning unit, new facia/instrument board and Opus ignition with new plugs  21998
 June 1975  (LWB) deletion of master cylinder/rear fog lamps, High pressure accumulator switch, High pressure fuel pump-flow & Check valve fuel vapour control (USA)  22073
   Prestone anti-freeze UT184 (OTA SWB)  22088
   (SWB) Opus ignition new plugs (OTA), Rear fog lamps (all cars) high pressure accumulator switch/deletion of master cylinder, High pressure pump and fuel flow check valve & fuel emission vapour control (USA cars only)  22118
   1976 USA Camargue specification  22192
   Smaller capacity accumulator sphere (SWB)  22415
   Self cancelling door locks (Camargue)  22448
   1976 USA SWB specification  22490
   1976 USA LWB specification. smaller capacity accumulator sphere (LWB USA - Japan - Australia)  22503
   Vacuum advance distributor  22572
   Corniche coupe DRH UK specification. With automatic air conditioning unit anti new facia/instrument board  22583
   Smaller cepacitv accumulator sphere (Camargue)  22587
   Vacuum advance distributor (SWB USA - Japan - Australia)  22600
   Corniche saloon CRH UK specification. With automatic air conditioning unit and new fact/instrument board  22648
   Opus ignition & New plugs (OTA LWB)  22673
   Improved window lift motor limit switches (Corniche only)  22781
   Low fluid washer bottle and improved pump (Corniche)  22847
   Low fluid washer bottle and improved pump (SWB)  22939
 Nov. 1975  Steering pump pulley interference fit on shaft  23024
   Low fluid washer bottle and washer pump (LWB)  23040
   1976 USA specification (Corniche) vacuum advance distributor for USA, Australia and Japan, High pressure accumulator switch  23059
   Stiffened ‘A’ post on Camargue to use Corniche cubby box light switch and door stop  23332
   Improved kickdown switch (LWB)  23527
   Improved kickdown switch (coachbuilt)  23603
   Automatic bulls-eye operation (Camargue)  23608
   improved kickdown switch (SWB)  23644
 Feb. 1976  Improved expansion valve for automatic ACU  24129
   Grooveless front main bearing shells  24331
   (Japanese coachbuilt) Additional temperature sensing switch and electric cooling fan. Catalytic exhaust and warning buzzer. Exhaust fire shield  24431
   (Japanese SWB) Additional temperature sensing switch and electric cooling fan. Catalytic exhaust and warning buzzer. Exhaust fire shield  24482
   Combined front lamp with flasher lens (Italian Corniche)  24500
   Drivers mirror to EEC regulations (UK Camargue only)  24506
   Drivers mirror to EEC regulations (UK Corniche only)  24806
   Engine mounted speed control bellows (all cars)  24811