Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II & T2 series


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The first letter of the car serial number denotes the body styling:

S            Standard saloon (Standard sedan in the USA)

C            Two-door saloon (Two-door coupe in the USA)

D            Convertible

L             Long wheelbase saloon (Long wheelbase formal sedan in the USA)

P             Phantom VI

J             Camargue


The second letter differentiates Silver Shadow motor cars from the Bentley T series:

R             Rolls-Royce

B             Bentley

The third letter denotes whether the car is left or right hand drive:

X         Left hand drive (not applicable to North American cars after 1972)

H         Right hand drive

A         North America 1972 model year

B         North America 1973 model year

C         North America 1974 model year

D         North America 1975 model year

E         North America 1976 model year

F         North America 1977 model year

G         North America 1978 model year

K         North America 1979 model year

L         North America 1980 model year


Notes: In addition, a letter 'C; is used as suffix letter after the car serial number to indicate that the vehicle has been produced to the 1980 Californian specification.

All coach built cars were denoted by the prefix C up to car serial  number CRX 6646. Convertibles cars produced after CRX 6646 however, are denoted by the prefix D (e.g DRX), while Two-door saloons continue to be denoted by the prefix C.

Release dates Modification Modification introduced at
 Nov. 1976 Introduction of Sliver Shadow II series and Bentley T2 motor cars. Improved gear and output shaft operation on auto ACU controls. Simplified installation of otter switch. Improved run of cables. US radiator matrix used on Japanese Corniche cars. 4-way window lift circuit breaker (4 door cars)  30001
   New boot handle (German 4 door cars)  30008
   EEC drivers mirror (continental EEC countries)  30012
   75 amp alternator (Corniche)  30041
   New exterior door handles (4 door cars)  30042
   1 st Silver Wraith II (non-division)  30083
   Coolant pump seal flitted into housing with sealant  30300
   New mounting bush for Menasco units (NA cars)  30446
   Modified Davall EWL clutch (UK Corniche)  30827
   1st Silver Wraith II (division)  30886
   Modified Davall EWL clutch (NA Corniche)  30902
   Air-cored instruments. Positive seal on petrol gauge  30987
 June 1977  Strengthened door hinge plates (Corniche)  31113
   Decreased hood closing tension  31130
   Side marker lamps deleted (OTA LWB)  31142
   Side marker lamps deleted (OTA SWB)  31337
   Strengthened door hinge plates (Camargue)  31363
   RR tested HIF7 carburetter floats  31386
   New rear ram seals  31389
   Improved water pump seal  31411
   Radiused radiator shell (W German Camargue only)  31497
   Michelin tyres fitted (NA Camargue)  31572
   Modified Davall EWL clutch (Camargue)  31643
   Protective sleeve fitted on steering hose  31702
   Lengthened, beaded fuel tank filler tube (NA Camargue)  31742
   Improved adjustment of lower quantity flap  31768
   Plain washers to gearchange micro-switches (Camargue)  31839
   Screenwash priming valve and improved motor (Camargue)  31876
   Spansil fuel tank float (Camargue)  31877
   Improved fuel vapour roll-over valve  31879
   Fuel vapour valve. Additional hazard warning light (W Euro Camargue)  31882
   Michelin tyres flitted (NA cars)  31885
   Improved radiator matrix (Camargue). Improved throttle progression (LH Camargue NA and Japan)  31961
   Speedometer wired through No 2 fuse (Camargue)  31962
 Oct. 1977  New ram seals (Corniche)  32028
   SY steering wheel fitted. Goetz rack pinion seal (Camargue)  32035
   Lengthened fuel filler hose (NA Camargue)  32036
   Specified poundage reduced on front springs. Extra packing washer to rear springs (OTA Camargue). Tectyl coated accumulator/frame hoses (Camargue)  32101
   Screenwash priming valve and Improved motor (Corniche)  32176
   Packing washer under front suspension bump stop (Camargue)  32180
   New speed control bellows (Camargue)  32181
   Lengthened, beaded fuel tank filler tube (NA Corniche only)  32204
   10/20 glass (Camargue)  32212
   Plain washers to gearchange micro-switches (Corniche)  32269
   New assembly distributor and coil (Camargue)  32274
   Lengthened, beaded fuel tank filler tube (NA SWB only)  32285
   Improved fuel vapour rollover valve  32328
   Spansil fuel tank float fitted (Corniche)  32330
   Improved ACU fan and compressor fuse carrier (Camargue)  32337
   Lengthened, beaded fuel filler tube (NA LWB only)  32394
   Spansil fuel tank float fitted (LWB)  32408
   Improved radiator matrix (Corniche)  32414
   Improved heed restraint escutcheon  32433
   Screenwash priming valve and improved motor (SWB)  32443
   Plain washers to gearchange micro-switches (SWB)  32449
   Reduced run-out on brake discs  32484
   Goetz rack pinion seal (Corniche)  32485
   Lengthened fuel f&r hose (NA convertibles only)  32488
   Additional clip on choke solenoid wiring to prevent chafing  32500
   Improved throttle progression (NA and Japan LH Corniche)  32554
   Fuel vapour valve fitted. Additional hazard warning lights fitted (W Euro. Corniche)  32555
   Improved fuel vapour rollover valve  32563
   Air diverter valve fitted (Australian Corniche)  32631
   SY steering wheel fitted (Corniche)  32633
   Packing washer under front suspension bump stop (Corniche)  32635
   Spansil fuel tank float fitted (SWB)  32653
   Improved carburetter floats (Corniche)  32708
   New assembly distributor and coil (Corniche)  32709
   Lengthened fuel filler hose (NA Corniche)  32712
   Bosch relays in gearchange actuator (Camargue)  32716
   Uprated EWL motors (SWB)  32750
   Uprated EWL motors (LWB)  32772
   Improved Dzus fuse cover fastener (Corniche)  32790
   Tectyl coating on accumulator/frame hoses (Corniche)  32795
   New door frames and mirrors (Camargue)  32796
   Improved throttle progression (NA & Japan LH SWB)  32810
   Improved throttle progression (NA & Japan LH LWB)  32852
   Specified poundage reduced on front springs. Extra packing washer under rear springs (OTA LWB). Additional hazard warning light (LWB)  32859
   Specified poundage reduced on front springs. Extra packing washer under rear springs (OTA Corniche)  32873
   Loctite used on cylinder head core plugs  32905
   Improved radiator matrix (SWB & LWB)  32910
   Lengthened fuel filler hose (NA LWB)  32934
   Modified boot lid handles to meet EEC regulations  32948
   Additional hazard warning light (SWB)  32975
 Jan. 1978  New temperature sensor wheel for ACU  33000
   Packing washer under front suspension bump stop. Fuel vapour valve fitted (W Euro LWB)  33024
   Improved carburetter floats (LWB)  33097
   Revised positioning of passenger door mirror  33160
   Loctite used on crankcase core plugs  33167
   Air diverter valve fitted (Australian LWB)  33171
   Improved Dzus fuse cover fastener (LWB)  33174
   New assembly direction indicator switch (Camargue)  33187
   Goetz rack pinion seal (SWB & LWB)  33217
   Tectyl coating on accumulator/frame hoses (LWB)  33252
   Improved EWL motor sealing  33299
   Revised brake light switch setting method  33340
   washer under bump stop on front suspension (SWB)  33526
   lengthened fuel filler hose (NA SWB)  33633
   Air diverter valve fitted (Australian SWB)  33663
   New headlamps to suit Improved wash/wipe system  33809
   Speedometer wired through ignition  33880
   New adaptor for bumper mounting  33997
 Apr. 1978  Improved sealing of fuel tank sender units  34000
   Improved Dzus fuse cover fastener (SWB)  34050
   Steel washer deleted from sub-frame mounts  34100
   Tectyl coated accumulator/frame hoses (SWB)  34127
   Specified poundage reduced on front springs. Extra packing washer under rear springs (OTA SWB)  34174
   New homologation plate (Italian cars)  34187
   Specified poundage reduced on front springs. Extra packing washer under rear springs (OTA LWB)  34301
   New speed control bellows (LWB)  34310
   New speed control bellows (SWB)  34380
   New speed control bellows (Corniche)  34396
   lmproved accumulator diaphragms  34486
   Gearchange actuator, held in Park unless ignition on  34510
   1978 electrical package, including headlamp wash/wipe  34573
   New wormshaft and motor in gearchange actuator  34599
   New arrangement rack and pinion steering gear including modified inner tubes and end govers  34715
   New Repa front seat belts  34740
 Aug. 1978  Re-styled mounting bracket for centre console  35320
   New Dunlop steel braced tyres  35380
   New assembly tool kit  35427
   EGR solenoid deleted (new pipe). Rear balance pipe deleted  35430
   New hydraulic reservoir  35488
   Re-location of water tap  35512
   Re-styled mascot  35512
   New rear pads (Mintex) and calipers. New parking brake material. New front pads and calipers together with new ‘M’ springs  35834
   Reduced run-out tolerance on brake discs  35889
 Nov. 1978  1979 model year gearbox. Metric bolts to flexplate  36035
   Improved coolant radiator  36179
   improved design of radiator tank seam  36350
   Revised wiper motor mounting  36371
   New &or assembly courtesy light switch  36581
   New steering column heat shield  36586
   Single leg EWL motor  36670
   Revised speedo mounts  36678
   New assembly boot light switch (LWB)  36705
   Bosch relays In gearchange actuator (LWB)  36718
   Improved fuel cooler (Japan and USA)  36806
   Bosch relays In gearchange actuator (SWB)  36833
   New assembly boot light switch (SWB)  36877
   Lower poundage front road springs  36938
   Improved ACU fan and compressor fuse earner (4 door cars)  36963
 Apr. 1979  Improved header tank with additional baffles  37000
   Pioneer KP292 tape player (LWB)  37027
   Discharge hose and silencer for ACU compressor  37034
   Improved accumulator diaphragms  37141
   Lucas dip swatch replaces Delco switch  37170
   New fan speed module mounting bracket  37173
   Silencers fitted to ACU compressor discharge hose (USA only)  37260
   Redesigned shaft and lever gearbox actuator  37300
   Pioneer KP292 tape player  37325
   Redesigned CDL. Solenoid, corrosion resistant CDL plungers  37429
   Stainless steel exhaust  37443
   New assembly direction indicator switch  37570
   Positive drive anti-streak wiper mechanism (LHD)  37663
   New outside temp. sensor (LWB)  37735
   Improved petrol pump performance (OTA)  37765
   New outside temp sensor (SWBf  37766
   Modified stop lamp switch  37811
   Modified window lift motors with increased corrosion resistance  37903
   Positive drive anti-streak wiper mechanism (RHD)  37948
 Sept. 1979  Deletion of floor temp sensor (Japanese cars)  38085
   New loudspeakers (all cars)  38100
   Extra heatshield for RH catalyst (NA and Japan)  38222
   Corrosion resistant starter relay - neoprene dipped  38352
   Revised throttle linkage to cure cold stall (OTA)  38536
   New speedo to comply with FMV SS 127  38659
   New Portescap ACU actuator  38792
   Metric steering pump (LWB)  38916
   New radio balance potentiometer  38952
   Improved cotter for inlet and exhaust valves  38972
   L410B engine  38984
 Nov. 1979  Improved toproll adhesive capable of withstanding higher temperatures. Loctite 225 introduced threads of steering rack end cover seal  39000
   Modification to GM400 gearbox (sprag clutch)  39400
   New steering rack incorporating lock stops  39458
   Stiffener applied to rear bumper side mouldings  39500
   Metric steering pump (SWB)  39524
   New valve guides  39639
   Improved Girling suspension dampers  39748
   New Kangol seat belts (NA and Japan)  39976
   Two nine-way sockets replace one twenty-way socket on gearbox actuator loom (4 door LH)  39981
 Mar. 1980  Petrol injection (Californian cars)  40194
   More accurate ACU compressor ambient cutout switch (SWB NA)  40244
   More accurate ACU compressor ambient cutout switch (SWB RH)  40245
   Axle pinion oil seals replaced (LWB)  40253
   More accurate ACU compressor ambient cutout switch (SWB LH)  40271
   Axle pinion oil seals replaced (SWB)  40341
   Starter relay-stainless steel armature pull-off spring (4 door LH)  40542
   New ice warning sensor (SWB)  40714
   Longer Bosch Frankfurt six button radio (SWB)  40719
   Improved otter switch for air silencer elbow  40748
   New ice warning sensor (LWB)  40768
   Longer Bosch Frankfurt six button radio (LWB)  40773
   Two nine-way sockets replace one twenty-way socket on gearbox actuator loom (4 door RH)  40836
   New brake hoses and heat shields (4 door Japan and NA)  40875
 June 1980  Improved torque arm mounts. Improved wiper wheel-boxes  41000
   New feed hose steering pump to rack (LWB)  41191
   New feed hose steering pump to rack (SWB)  41385
   Hot box tested brake pumps (4door cars)  41420
   Lock tab for oil pick-up setscrews  41557
   Revised throttle progression (4 door NA)  41571
   Improved cooling fan fastening (LWB NA)  41592
   Last of the Shadow II series motor cars  41686