The chassis number for these model its composed of an initial fixed letter which is B, followed by a number that can go from 1 to 828 and finally two letters of which the first one determines the series of the model.

Depending on the first letter of the last two letters of your chassis number you can determine what series your car is and look up any modifications done through the range.

(Left hand drive models have an L preceding the last two letters)

choose your series

Release dates Car model Chassis number Modification Modification introduced at
 October 62  S-Type 3  B2AV to B26AV  Lengthened starter relay cable B16AV 
 Sep. 62 to Oct. 63  S-Type 3  B2CN to B828CN  Air conditioning unrtwatertaps and mounting plates B10CN 
       Improved radiator pressure relief valve B176LCN 
       Additional sight glass on C61 refrigerated units and re-routed low pressure hoses on right hand drive cars B260CN 
       Top and bottom hoses B388CN 
       Stainless steel wheel discs B404CN 
       Steering box modified to allow trapped air to be bled B420CN 
       Windscreen wiper stops for positive parking B496LCN 
       Carburettors with modified float chamber lid and needle valve B508CN 
       Automatic gearbox torus cover B172CN (except B724CN) 
       Hand brake cable systems on right hand drive cars B738CN 
 Sep. 63 to Dec. 63  S-Type 3  B2DF to B198DF  Steering hose re-router and heat shield flitted to steering box mounting arm on left hand drive cars B30LDF 
       Improved heated rear window glass B126DF 
 Nov. 63 to Jun. 64  S-Type 3  B2EC to B530EC  New voltage regulator B38EC 
       Improved rear seat and side arm rests B70EC 
       Heat shield fitted to right--hand exhaust manifold B210EC 
       Choke introduced into reversing light circult B222EC 
       Increased bore of carburettor vent pipes B340EC (except B368, 412 and 491EC) 
       Reversing and rear number plate lamp B412EC 
       Wider rims on rear wheels B484EC 
       Additional cold air intake controls B506EC 
 May 64 to Dec. 64  S-Type 3  B2FG to B350FG  Dynamo bracket B8FG 
       Flywheel housing - bell housing underpan flitted (except export models to tropical or dusty countries) B12FG (except B18FG) 
       Steering box spool valve and housing B116FG 
       Stop/flasher relays discontinued, link strip in place of starter solenoid cable B152FG 
       New speedometer and flexible drive B206FG 
       Steering - modified power cylinder head B222FG 
       Improved copper type battery cable B290FG 
       Steering hoses re-routed on right hand drive cars B348FG 
 Oct. 64 to Jan. 65  S-Type 3  B2GJ to B200GJ  New HT ignition cables with resistive cores B10GJ 
       Electrically-operated windows stop bracket B126GJ 
       Tappet block and tappet block assemblies B136GJ 
       Ventilation holes provided to flywheel housing bell housing B190GJ 
 Jan. 65 to Jul. 65  S-Type 3  B2HN to B400HN  Camshaft B34HN 
 Jul. 65 to Sep. 65  S-Type 3  B2JP to B40JP  Interference ht cylinder liners B2JP 
       New fuel pump, SU type AUF 400 B36JP