The chassis number for these model its composed of two initial fixed letter which are BC where the C stands for continental, followed by a number that can go from 1 to 151 and finally two letters of which the first one determines the series of the model.

Depending on the first letter of the last two letters of your chassis number you can determine what series your car is and look up any modifications done through the range.

(Left hand drive models have an L preceding the last two letters)

choose your series

Release dates Car model Chassis number Modification Modification introduced at
 Jul. 59 to Jun. 60  S-type 2 Continental  BC1AR to BC151AR  Improved type crown wheel bolts (Phase 1) BC45AR 
       Introduction of seamless propeller shaft BC66AR 
       Hollow camshaft replaced by solid camshaft BC38AR 
       Automatic choke - otter switch BC106AR 
       Lagged air pipes BC112AR 
       Bi-metal cover BC137AR 
       Butterfly valve BC114AR 
       Sealed thermal delay switch BC11AR 
       Improved type crown wheel (Phase 2) BC52AR 
       Engine vibration cushion fitted BC1AR 
       Improved throttle controls on left-hand drive cars BC2AR 
       Modified hydraulic tappets BC139AR 
       SU carburettors BC149AR 
 Jun. 6O to Jul. 61  S-type 2 Continental  BC1BY to BC1O1BY  S1 type front silencer with modified pipes and flanges BC16LBY 
       Modified starter motor BC1BY 
       Fast idle cam bracket BC3BY 
       New front shock damper mounting plate, brake pedal gap plate BC1BY 
       Shortened extension cone on fan mounting; extension of radiator bottom outlet pipe and new bottom water hose BC10BY 
       New radiator filler cap seal BC21BY 
       New starter motor BC40BY 
       Valves and fittings BC46BY 
       Interior lights -changes to switching arrangements for instrument and capping rail lights and new map lamp, cigar lighter with amber glow ring BC72BY 
       Dynamo mounting bracket, cylinder head assembly and valves, etc BC51BY 
       New silencer assemblies BC76BY 
       New front shock damper body BC92BY 
       Valve rockers and shafts BC78BY 
       Crankcase modified to raise oil level in camshaft trough BC72BY (except BC97BY) 
       Air conditioning - Tecumseh HH compressor replaced by York Shipley BC90BY 
       47”servo cams reducing front to rear brake ratio BC93BY 
       Accelerator pedal stop on right hand drive cars, gearbox throttle valve control on right-hand drive cars BC99BY 
       13 38 ratio crown wheel changed to 13:40 BC100BY 
 Feb. 61 to Aug. 62  S-type 2 Continental  BC1CZ to BC139CZ  Petrol tank breather BC28CZ 
       Heat sink introduced Into automatic choke system BC37CZ 
       Sparking plug waterproof adaptor BC43CZ 
       Blue floodlighting to instruments BC66CZ 
       Hand brake warning light fitted BC78CZ 
       Flasher and headlamp flick switch fitted BC70CZ 
       New starter ring BC85CZ 
       Modified water connections BC109CZ 
       Fuel pump capacity increased BC112CZ 
       Improved valve rockers BC134CZ 
       Rear lamps BC78CZ 
       Brake pedals ball crank lever, lighter steering on left-hand drive cars BC135LCZ 
       Reversion to original starter ring BC137LCZ 
       New method of lubrication cam wheel BC139CZ