The chassis number for these model its composed of three initial fixed letters which are ALB where the L stands for long wheelbase, followed by a number that can go from 1 to 35.

Being there only one series on this model there are no other letters following the numbers.

(Left hand drive models are preceded by an L) 

Release dates Car model Chassis number Modification Modification introduced at
 Nov. 57 to Jul.59  S-Type

 ALB1 to ALB35

 Wire type clips on propeller shaft grease seal, final type modified stub axles, improved type rear brake expander wedges  ALB6 
       Twin jet centrally mounted windscreen washer ALB11 
       Grease lubricated track rods ALB14 
       Strengthened front hubs, grease lubricated centre steering, modified run of hand brake cable, Enlarged shakeback stop slot in brake shoe web ALB17 
       Replacement of .250” dia. wing and valence plate bolts and screws with .3125”dia., C.48 dynamo ALB21 
       Sun visors with improved driver’s vision, Modified window channels to reduce winding loads under adverse weather conditions ALB24 
       Introduction of plain washer at each end of pivot distance piece on braking system direct and Intermediate linkage ALB25 
       Modified window regulator handle to prevent fouling of trim pad, modified door handles with button sealing, free wheeling boot lock ALB26 
       Modified heater and demister connections on radiator, thermal conductor type water temperature gauge ALB29 
       Extended neck on propeller shaft seal, simplified starter relay mounting, seal between bearing housing and body front shock damper ALB30 
       Modified form of front brake shoe link ALB31 
       Modified fuses, electric window winder fuse box, main fuse box ALB32 
       lntroduction of purolator air filter on cars with interior cooling ALB35