The chassis number for these model its composed of two initial fixed letter which are BC where the C stands for continental, followed by a number that can go from 1 to 101 and finally two letters of which the first one determines the series of the model.

Depending on the first letter of the last two letters of your chassis number you can determine what series your car is and look up any modifications done through the range.

(Left hand drive models have an L preceding the last two letters)

choose your series

Release dates Car model Chassis number Modification Modification introduced at
 Mar. 55 to Feb. 56  S-Type Continental  BC1AF to EC101AF  Spreading the load of the fulcrum bracket bolt over a larger area to compensate for distortion of the lugs on the front pan, modified butterfly valve and countersunk screws, SU carburetter BC11AF 
       Modified bosses to increase strength of rear axle tube BC12AF 
       Setscrews in place of studs for main bearing caps, improved water and oil mist sealing on servo BC16AF 
       Steering ball joint castle nuts with increased bearing surface BC19AF 
       Increased friction on brake shakeback stop and increased load on servo return spring BC21AF 
       Brake wheel cylinder material changed from aluminium to cast iron, stronger clamps for rear anti-roll bar BC69AF 
       Filter in brake fluid supply tank BC70AF 
       Revised type of rear engine mounting BC79AF 
       Provision of drag links with greater resistance to kinking under compression BC81AF 
       Introduction of aluminium brake master cylinder BC88AF 
       Increased diameter rear engine mounting bolts and modified bracket, strengthened spring support plates. front suspension BC96AF 
 Feb. 56 to Jan. 57  S-Type Continental  BC1BG to BC101BG  Increased number of fixing holes in rear axle tube BC1BG 
       Steering lever with taper roller bearings in place of bushes BC2BG 
       Strengthened front suspension fulcrum bracket BC3BG 
       Modified shakeback stop front and rear brake assemblies BC6BG 
       Dual brake master cylinders BC16BG 
       Modified dynamo and regulator, 8:1 compression ratio cylinder head with larger inlet valve BC21BG 
       Modified sealing ring on centre steering operating lever (P A S ) BC23BG 
       Welded stiffeners on each side of jacking bracket BC27BG 
       Introduction of copper petrol pipes, uphill run popes from twin master cylinders to supply tank, reach nut and washer to suit spot facing of ball joint and trunnion body, output shaft to propeller shaft BC28BG 
       Radiator and drain tap suitable for modified frame BC30BG 
       Increased number of fixing holes in rear axle centre casing BC62BG 
       Reversal of power cylinder mounting bolt (P.A.S.) BC70BG 
       Introduction of oil deflector plate for rear shock damper BC92BG 
       Voltage regulator with swamp resistance BC96BG 
 Jan. 57 to Jul. 57  S-Type Continental  BC1CH to BC51CH  Strengthened front shock damper body (introduction of sleeve in mounting bolt bore) BC1CH 
       Stronger front shock damper casing BC7CH 
       Combined inertia and starter ring. modified starter drive and stiffened clutch casing BC31CH 
       Stronger fulcrum pin, axle yoke BC41CH 
 Jul. 57 to Jan. 58  S-Type Continental  BC1DJ to BC51DJ  Improved propeller shaft seal BC1DJ 
       Modified stub axle yoke seal BC8DJ 
       Modified rear axle shaft flange BC10DJ 
       Stronger drag link BC36DJ 
       Introduction of ‘Roto’ finished pulleys BC42DJ 
       Introduction of strengthened adjusting sleeve steering cam BC44DJ 
       Introduction of shock dampers with Increased size end cover studs BC47DJ 
 Oct. 57 to Jun. 58  S-Type Continental  BC1EL to BC51EL  DR 3 windscreen wiper motor BC1EL 
       Stronger rear shock damper link bushes BC3EL 
 Jun. 58 to Jan. 59  S-Type Continental  BC1FM to BC51FM  Deletion of lubrication pipe on idler lever, modified rear silencer mounting to prevent burning mounting rubber, improved type rear brake expander wedges, final type modified stub axles, twin jet centrallly mounted windscreen washer BC1FM 
       Grease lubricated track rods, large diameter axle shaft splines, grease lubrication of centre steering, intermediate heater and demister controls, wire type clips on propeller shaft grease seals BC1FM 
       Extended outer bearing blocks for lower triangle lever, increased capacity boot type refrigeration, increased side clearance on rear brake wedge expanders to prevent sticking BC1FM 
       Replacement of .250" dia. wing and valance plate bolts and screws with .3125" dia., modified run of handbrake cable BC1FM 
       Enlarged shakeback stop slot in brake shoe web BC11FM 
       Strengthened front hubs BC14FM 
       Plain washer at each end of pivot distance piece on braking system direct and intermediate linkage BC31FM 
       Deletion of check valve in brake fluid supply pipes BC44FM 
 Dec. 58 to Apr. 59  S-Type Continental  BC1GN to BC31GN  Simplified starter relay mounting BC1GN 
       Thermal conductor type water temperature gauge BC9GN 
       Seal between bearing housing bodv and front shock damper BC16GN 
       Extended neck on propeller shaft seal BC25GN 
       Modified form of front brake shoe link BC28GN 
       Introduction of purolator air filter on cars with interior cooling BC30GN