The rear height control valve contains is compose of two valves. The first valve activates the rear height control ram by delivering high pressure fluid and increasing the height of the car. While the second one together with the solenoid valve regulates the speed to which the car lifts.

Just like the front height control valve, the rear height control valve works with a operating rod connected to the subframe, it’s movement activates the height control valves by opening and allowing high pressure fluid pass to the rams, as the car lifts up the rod will move back to position and close the valve sending fluid back to the reservoir. They are two per ram and are mounted on each side of the rear end of the chassis.

The height control valve together with the solenoid determine the speed in which the car lifts or lowers itself. It is design to let the car run smoothly while driving and to be faster when the car is fully stop and people are coming in or out.

For non mineral oil cars the part numbers are:

- For the left side one UR18083, click here.

- For the right side one UR18082, click here.

For mineral oil cars:

- There is only one valve in these cars and is GMF1053 but it works on both sides, click here.


All designs provided by Rob Wilde.