IntroCar: The Beginning

Part One of a series of insights we shall be sharing with you into the team that keeps your Rolls-Royce or Bentley (or multiple!) happily in good health.. 

IntroCar Team Video 2016

This year the tent stayed the same size.. although it was still massive!

We introduced our Lookbooks (Interactive Online Catalogues) to customers with a presentation showing how they work and also fliers to show how much of our website has now been converted into these interactive diagrams. You can find out more on our 'Lookbook' video here.

We brought back the Heritage & the Pop Up sales which were a great success, and we had a beautiful car on display inside the tent.

This year, the team wanted to show off their product knowledge, as seen in the video! 

The goody bags again were a big hit. Thanks to the success of the infamous IntroCar pens (with light), we added a really smart leatherbound notebook, which everyone loved. 

IntroCar Team Video 2015

The 2015 team video is a big focus on team, fellow specialists & parts. Weather let us down a little, but it didn't spoil the excitement of the big annual event.

This year it was all about bringing a full range to customers. Our tent got bigger (again!) and we had 3 sections:

  • Heritage Stock (on sale at up to 90% off!)
  • Pop Up Sale (once off ridiculous prices on a tonne of various stock items)
  • The Cabinet Displays.. including all our new products looking pretty and available for free delivery that weekend.

Beautiful setting at the new location of Burghley House, we see some snippets of the views too. 

The goody bags were gone by the end of the saturday.. they've become mega popular, particularly as they now included Mugs and Mousemats on top of all the usual giveaways! Not yet sure how to better it for next year...?!


IntroCar Team Video 2014

This year celebrating IntroCar's 25th birthday with food, drinks, more goody bags and giveaways for customers.

This video is a little reflection on what we've achieved to date including introducing 1,300 new products to market (seems like such a low number now!), with a focus on our big heritage parts promotion... a little crazy at up to 90% discount on some items!

We introduced some cool toy cars which feature in the video & were a big hit (& yes, if you want one we can get them!), and again we managed to fit another of the real deal inside the marquee. Just to prove we could maybe? 

Another long, hard but fun weekend working, laughing, too many late, late nights & lots of good times catching up with customers we unfortunately sometimes only see annually.


IntroCar Team Video 2013

2013's team video focused a little less on set up and a little more on the parts themselves and our customers.

It was our second goody bag year, as they'd been such a popular intro in 2012.. this time offering bag, pen, notepad, water & mints. 

We managed to hide a baby behind the staff area for the entire weekend - our first IntroCar team RREC Rally baby attendee!

Oh, & not forgetting that we managed to fit an entire car inside our marquee.. I think we were trying to ensure the marquee was really as big as it could be!

Again, lots of fun and LOTS of hard work. 




IntroCar Team Video 2012

Our first team video where we take a 'behind the scenes' look at our set up for the annual Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club Rally in summer 2012. 

Two days of set up, another two days of hard work and an awful lot of fun.. we wanted to share a backstage snippet of IntroCar at work!




IntroCar Team Video 2016

In 2016 we brought back the pop up shop, the heritage sale and our main display.

We also had a vintage motorbike tour and our team were keen to show off their product knowledge with several demonstrations.

We launched our Lookbook product officially.. whilst it's been worked on for the last several years, we were finally ready to start showing customers how far through the back catalogue of parts our work has taken us!

For the first time in a while it wasn't a wet weekend and we loved catching up with friends and customers as always!