Two pumps, fitted on the top of the engine, pressurise the hydraulic fluid. They are driven by the camshaft of the engine. The fluid from the reservoir is sucked in by a valve activated by a push rod. The one way valve, which is fitted in the upper part of the pump body, prevents the fluid from floating back. The pressurised hydraulic fluid floats to the accumulators.


 For a complete list and diagram of associated parts for this brake pumps you can click on these links:

- For chassis range 01001 to 42000
- For chassis range 50000 onward


Otherwise, for the specific brake pumps you can click on the followings:

- UE35319 (chassis number 01001 to 12448)
- UE40534HB (chassis range 12449 to 42000)
- RH1407GMF (chassis range 50000 onward)




All designs provided by Rob Wilde.