Production Update: Rolls-Royce Camargue Bumper Mouldings

Part Numbers: UR18792, UR18793, UR18802, UR18901 & UR18902

We thought we would share progress on one of our current projects – Bumper mouldings for the Rolls-Royce Camargue… so here is our first update which went to several of the customers who already have pre-orders for these sets!

The basic process is to computer model each rubber bumper moulding and then use this to create a solid pattern. The pattern is then used to create a mould (or tool). The stainless-steel brackets/fixings are suspended in the mould and the polymer is injected around the fixings.

We can report that the tools for the rear quarter bumpers are complete (see below) and a working prototype for one side has been produced (keep reading!).

Above you can see the wooden boxes containing the mould, which are in the form of two interlocking shells.

The pattern for the front and rear centre moulding has also been produced (below), and the mould/tool scheduled to be complete by the end of this week.

The prototype above is not yet fixed correctly to the bumper but has been produced to prove the profile and fit.

On the left is the pattern for the centre moulding, from which the tool can be created. The correct stainless-steel fixings are on order and scheduled to arrive imminently. Once tools and fixings are available, “true” prototypes can be produced.

Tooling for the front quarter bumpers is scheduled to begin in the first week of August and will follow much the same process.We will update again at that time, no doubt with some further photographs and reports as to how we are getting along!

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