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“Hi there welcome back!

So today we are going to talk about thermostats. Here we have our range of thermostats. They all basically work on the same principle and that is that there is a container of wax which sits in the cooling system and what happens is that the wax, when it gets to the right temperature, will expand so much that it forces out a pin that is inside which opens a valve. That is a very basic version of the way they work and what happens is that when it’s cold and it’s not expanded and the value is not open, it will block the flow of the coolant round to the radiator. When it opens it will allow the coolant to flow through the radiator and cool down. Then when it obviously reaches a cool enough temperature the wax will contract again and the valve will close and then it will cycle over and over and basically maintain a specific temperature.

They all work in pretty much the same way, but obviously they are different fitment and different applications. So we’ll start off with the earliest one… This is a RH9143 which is fitted to six cylinder cars: Bentley Mark VI, R-Types, Silver Wraith & Silver Dawns.

This is a 78 degree thermostat so this is designed to open at 78 degrees. Originally this would have been a longer thermostat but we have redeveloped it so that it actually fits in the same housing as the later one which is for S-Types and Silver Clouds (UE30193-X). So they are basically identical now except the Cloud one opens at 88 degrees and the Mark VI, R-Type, Dawn and Wraith one opens at 78 degrees.

So if you are in a particularly hot country and you have a Silver Cloud you may wish to put a slightly lower rating thermostat in it so that it cools down earlier and vice versa. If you’re running cold you might want to put an 88 degree thermostat in your Mark VI. So those two thermostats are now interchangeable.

So then we move on to the V8’s. This one fits also, I believe, the Bentley S1 6-cylinder engine and also the S2s and S3s, which are V8s. Then you move on to the Silver Shadow range, or the Silver Shadow V8s, which go all the way up to the Spirits, Turbos and Arnage Red Label. This is a PG58252PA. It’s an 88 degree thermostat and it fits in the same place that this one does, which is the UE36600. The difference is, as you can see, this one has got these kind of lead pellets in it. This one does not. These are a fail safe so that when it gets so hot if the thermostat was to fail and it caused the engine to run so hot that it would actually melt away these lead pellets and cause some flow through the radiator, so you won’t get a complete shut off of coolant. Nowadays, people will prefer to run the UE36600.

Also we have this, which is developed using the same thing, but again the UE36600 is an 88 thermostat, this is a UE366000-78, which is a 78 degree thermostat so UE366000-78, which is a 78 degree thermostat so the thermostat and your engine will run cooler. We don’t advise this is fitted to anything later than a Silver Shadow because they can be more sensitive with the running temperature. If you fit that in a car with electronic fuel injection and it’s not running at the right temperature, you can cause fault codes and all kinds of stuff to go wrong. So it’s not recommended that you do that. Also potentially you might be covering up another fault/reason why the engine is running hotter so it’s worth looking at that closely.

Then we move on to this thermostat (PG100298PB) and this is the Arnage T which is the Twin Turbo. So this one runs all the way from around 1967 up until 2002 / 2003 and then I think in 2003 the Twin Turbo came out and they slightly changed it. It’s a similar looking thing but it’s actually, if you know about the late Zytek engines, the thermostats are not easy to get to because you have to remove quite a lot off the top of the engine to get to it, whereas on an Arnage T they are right there in front – a couple of 10 ml bolts and then easy to access.

Also the earlier V8 thermostats have a paper gasket and the bolts for the thermostat housing are common to breaking just because there is a lot of corrosion around there and they seize in there. This one seals on a little rubber lip that goes around the thermostat and sits in the recess in the housing and there are 10 ml bolts that seem to be a lot better.

This one (PG29069PA) is the last one in the range here, which is fitted to the Green Label so because the Green Label was more of a BMW designed engine, you can see it’s a completely different looking thing but that is what is fitted to the V8 in the Arnage Green Label, which is a BMW design. So that’s our range of thermostats. I hope everyone understood and if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

Thanks very much!”

Matt Duncan

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PhotoPart NumberDescriptionApplicationPrice (excl. VAT)
RH9143-XRH9143-XTHERMOSTAT 78 DEGREERolls-Royce Silver Cloud II & III
Bentley S2 & S3
UE30193-XUE30193-XTHERMOSTAT 88 DEGREERolls-Royce Silver Cloud II & Silver Cloud III
Rolls-Royce Phantom V & Phantom VI (to 1965)
Bentley S2 & S3
Bentley Continental S2 & S3
UE36600UE36600-78-XTHERMOSTAT 78°CRolls-Royce: Silver Shadow, Silver Shadow II, Silver Wraith II, Corniche (to model year 1986), Silver Spirit (to chassis 16970) & Silver Spur (to chassis 16970)
Bentley T, T2, Continental (to model year 1986), Mulsanne (to chassis 16970), Eight (to chassis 16954), Mulsanne Turbo (to chassis 14162) & Turbo R (to chassis 16570)
UE36600UE36600-XTHERMOSTAT 88°CRolls-Royce Camargue (01570 onwards), Corniche (01557 onwards), Flying Spur (55012-55761), Limousine (80001 onwards), Phantom, Silver Dawn (55078 onwards), Silver Shadow Coachbuilt (1067-9769), Silver Shadow II Saloon (30001-41601), Silver Shadow Saloon (1002-26700), Silver Spirit (01001 onwards), Silver Spur (01006 onwards), Silver Wraith II (30083-41648)
Bentley Arnage Red Label (04001-07635), Azure (50801 onwards), Brooklands Saloon (46004 onwards), Continental (09030-50167), Continental R (42001 onwards), Continental SC (65000 onwards), Continental T (01500 onwards), Corniche (02499-50707), Eight (08862-44562), Mulsanne (01009-44588), T Coachbuilt (1149-9766), T Saloon (1001-26634), T2 Saloon (30046-41573), Turbo (04233 onwards)
PG100298PBPG100298PB-XTHERMOSTAT 88°CBentley Arnage (08200 Onwards), Azure (11142 Onwards) & Brooklands Coupe (13501 Onwards)£112.49
PG29069PA-XPG29069PA-X85°C THERMOSTAT, HOUSING & SEALING WASHERBentley Arnage (Green Label), chassis numbers 01001-03050£71.35
p58252pa-xPG58252PA-XTHERMOSTAT - LEAD FREE (OE)Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, Silver Spur, Flying Spur, Silver Dawn, Limousine & Corniche (from chassis 20,000 on)
Bentley Mulsanne, Mulsanne S & SL, Turbo R, Eight, Brooklands, Continental, Continental R, SC, T & Azure (from chassis 20,000; also 2000 model year cars chassis 01001-18999.
Bentley Arnage Red Label & Le Mans (chassis 04001-08394)
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