New Upgraded Clutch for Mark VI, R-Type, Silver Dawn & Silver Wraith models

The Prestige Parts® replacement diaphragm-type clutch (RH7199KT) uses a completely new mechanism, designed for use with modern friction lining materials, and has been developed with the technical input of renowned Rolls-Royce and Bentley specialists. This kit may be used to replace both 10” and 11” clutches on both left and right hand drive post-war Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles equipped with manual gearboxes and comes with a three-year warranty.

For Mark VI, R Type, Silver Wraith & Silver Dawn models.

“Okay, so today we’re looking at our replacement clutches that we have developed in association with Patrick Motoring Engineers. They are the people who really came up with the concept and we are the people who are actually trying to bring it to market.

On the face of it, doing this replacement clutch would not look like it was an interesting commercial project. The reason for that is quite simple. This clutch kit here costs £1360 plus VAT, whereas the original type with a replacement for the original type of spring cover on the exchange basis is in the region of about £300, so it is a big cost differential. However the reason that we wanted to do this and the reason we wanted to stop selling these clutches was because there was such a high failure rate under warranty.

The problem for anyone who has ever done this job, is that it takes about 12 hours to replace the clutch. So if you have a problem with the clutch it’s 12 hours to replace it again and if the basic clutch unit itself is unreliable then we may even have to do it for a second or third time.

Clearly we were not happy with that as a model or solution for owners and workshops. So what is the problem with the original type clutch? Well, you will see here this has three fingers and the purpose of those is to engage the clutch friction lining, which is effectively this onto the drive plate.

Originally, these materials here, these friction linings were made from asbestos and obviously most of you know that asbestos is now banned quite rightly so because it’s carcinogenic and very toxic. Dust from this type of lining would be very harmful to your health. So there have been a number of modern linings developed but none of them have the properties of asbestos and what that means in practice is that the adjustment of these three fingers has to be absolutely perfect for you to get good clutch engagement. Without that you will get clutch judder and it’s almost impossible to eliminate clutch judder from these cars.

Just while we are talking about what this affects we are talking about the Bentley Mark VI, Bentley R Type, Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn and the Silver Wraith with manual gearboxes. You may know that there are two types of clutch, there is a 10 inch and an 11 inch and this clutch kit (RH7199KT) will do either.

Going back to the original problem, which really was effectively balancing the clutch cover. It is very difficult to get these three fingers perfectly balanced. Most modern clutches which are designed to work with a modern lining such as this one here are called diaphragm clutches and you will see here you have a huge number of fingers and what that does is enables you to get this engaging with the flywheel perfectly flat, it’s got to be perfectly parallel.

So this means that although this is an expensive, a very expensive clutch kit in comparison with that, what it does mean is that we can guarantee it will work first time. No replacing again, no trying to get something to work, no putting up with something which is not quite right. You will get a perfectly smooth clutch take up with this modern diaphragm clutch.

The major part of it is this flywheel. This comes in the kit which would not come with this. So this is also a good replacement if you have got a cracked or warped flywheel. As I said you can use this on both 10 inch and 11 inch clutches because it replaces the flywheel at the same time. This surface here which is the critical surface of the flywheel, because this is taking up the engagement of the clutch, this has to be as smooth as possible and so this surface here is being machined to an 8 micron surface finish which, just in layman’s terms, is about the same as glass.

This is quite a high spec flywheel but that is precisely what you need when you are fitting this kind of clutch lining.

So I hope that tells you a little bit about this product and why it is actually worth spending a lot of money. So is certainly a good clutch product to consider if you are replacing the clutch or also if you have got problems with the flywheel because you get the flywheel in the kit.

You may know that the timing marks are on different sides for right hand drive or left hand drive cars because of the position of the gear selector and in here there are timing marks. Here is the one for the left hand drive car and here are the ones for the right hand drive. So you could fit this to either, and once again all the types of clutch.. both 10 inch and 11 inch clutch are compatible with this kit.

I hope that is of interest and I look forward to speaking to you again soon.”

John Tupper, Managing Director of IntroCar

RH7199KT Clutch Kit consists of the following components:
• Flywheel
• Diaphragm Clutch
• Drive Plate
• Flywheel Bolts (3/8” UNF, x12)
• Flywheel Aero Nuts (3/8” UNF, x12)
• Flywheel Spigot Bearing
• Clutch Release Bearing
• Bolts (1” x 3/8” UNF, x6)
• Spring Washers (x6)
• Steel Dowel (20 x 8 mm, x3)
• Wooden Dowel Rear Mains Oil Seals (x2)
• Engine Sump Gasket
• Front Cover Gasket

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