Bentley Heritage Parts for Crewe Built Motor Cars

The dictionary definition of Heritage is noun ‘her • i • tage : property that descends to an heir 1a : something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor : LEGACY, INHERITANCE. We love the idea that classic Bentleys would be lovingly cared for and passed down through successive generations, but whether one comes by Heritage Bentleys via family, at auction or discovered in an old country barn, IntroCar offers parts to bring them back to their full former glory.

Bentley Mark VI and Graber Cabriolet 1946-1955

The first Bentley built by the factory in Crewe was the 1946 Mark VI, which became one of the most successful cars built at the time – the factory produced 52,200 Mark 6 cars from 1946 to 1952. Also built by custom coachbuilders during this time were the Graber Cabriolet, Gurney Nutting Sedanca, Drophead Foursome, Mark Vi Mulliner and the James Young. These Heritage Bentleys are often restored with parts from our Bentley Heritage parts collection.

Bentley S-Type & Continental 1956-1965

The Bentley R-Type Sports was introduced in 1952 and within a year or two was followed up with custom coachbuilder versions R-Type Continental Mulliner, the Ward, the Continental Graber, the James Young and finally in 1954 the R-Type Continental Park Ward. Then in 1955 the Bentley S1 or S-Type was introduced along with the Bentley S1 Continental Park Ward, S1 Continental Graber and S1 Continental Mulliner. This Bentley Heritage tradition of custom Coachbuilders continued with the S2 from 1959 through 1962 and again with the S3 from 1962 through 1965 including the long and unwieldy named S3 Continental Flying Spur Mulliner-Park Ward. Here is the 1955 through 1965 Bentley Heritage model range.

Bentley T1 & Corniche 1965-1980
Next introduced in 1965 through 1980 was the Bentley T or T-1 (along with the T Mulliner Park Ward) and in 1971 the Bentley Corniche (and Convertible) followed. Next up in 1980 through 2003 came the Bentley Mulsanne, Continental, Turbo R models and Brooklands, along with a convertible variant in 1984.

Bentley Mulsanne 1980-2003

Walter Owen (W.O.) Bentley was born 16 September, 1888 and Died 13 August 1971 and left a legacy of fine automobiles that fulfilled his mission “To build a good car, a fast car, the best in class.” Walter Owen Bentley Bust 1888-1971

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