Rolls-Royce and Bentley Waterpumps and the merits of buying new versus reconditioning!

Matt details the differences between the generations of Rolls-Royce and Bentley waterpumps and considers why buying new is preferable to getting your unit reconditioned. All the waterpumps listed are available both new and reconditioned along with with fitting kits, gaskets, bolts, O rings and back plates. Waterpumps are available for every model from 1945 to 2010.

“Hi there and welcome back. So, today we are going to talk about water pumps. We have got some of the pumps that we have here. We stock the full range of water pumps from 1946 up until 2004… Bentley ones not the BMW versions. The V8 ones are pretty much the same housing wise. I will start off on the 6 cylinder water pumps. There are actually three types of six cylinder water pump for the Mark VI, R Type & the S1.

The Mark VI one starts off with the early one (RE2602-X). The difference between this and this (RH211-X) as you can see is this one has a pulley on, this one also has a pulley fitted to the flange, but the difference is that this one has the pulley put on and then the flange is pressed onto the shaft and the pulley is screwed in from behind the shaft. So you can’t actually remove the pulley without pulling off the flange. Then they revised it and they have the flange pressed on to the shaft and then the pulley is screwed on to the flange. That is the same for a later Mark VI, I think GT onwards but you have always got to check. That is how we differentiate between what type of pumps you have… if you have the removal pulley type or the flange pressed on after the pulley.

If you have an S1 it looks like this (RH211-X), basically these are identical beneath the pulley because the housing is the same we have just got different adaptors as you can see, this Mark VI one has got an outlet there, that is for the hose, another hose there, that is a threaded part. And then on this one it has got a plug in it and basically the housing is the same but the different adaptors set them apart. All of these bolt on to a back plate.  This back plate is available new as well and it’s usually worth replacing this because it’s in the coolant gallery so there is obviously coolant running through it all the time and it can cause these to get pitted all the way through and rusty. That then bolts onto an adaptor which then bolts on to the block or the head but these are the gaskets that you will need to change the water pump.

The reason why you should go for a new water pump is, because although we also offer reconditioned ones, a lot of the time these rotors they are just rusted thin not much left of them, they can get broken when they are pulling off. The housing can be rusted through. These threaded areas all can get corroded away, the seal inside this one is a modern type of seal. On the early ones they have a carbon seal which isn’t as efficient. Also when we do a reconditioned pump we charge a surcharge to get the old one back so these are available brand new off the shelf with no surcharge.

So we have the the Mark VI and the R Type and the S1, they are all pretty much the same. Then moving on to the first of the V8’s is with the Bentley S2 & S3 or Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II and Cloud III water pump (UE7411-X). As you can see it is a completely different design. The upper part of the front timing cover is the waterpump housing and this screws on there with a gasket. We supply the gasket with the bolts and washers.

Then a slightly different version of a similar type of pump is this (RH13521-X) and from the Silver Shadows all the way through to probably even to the modern V8’s that are in the production line, the Mulsannes etc, have this kind of pump with an O ring. The O ring goes into that water pump housing on the upper timing cover and seals. You always want to change that O ring whenever you change the pump. We also do the bulk kit (UE42285FK-X), obviously any nuts and bolts around the coolant gallery can get corroded and break and it’s always worth replacing the bolts because they are cheap. We supply a kit as an automatic upsell when you call up, you can choose not to have it but it’s always recommended.

All these pumps have an original type of seal fitted, the same that Bentley would use and they are a 3 year warranty on the Prestige Parts ones. Reconditioned ones we sell with a 2 year warranty but you will get a surcharge until you return your core unit, and to be honest there isn’t much difference in price so like I say we have the full range available to see online.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment.”

PhotoPart NumberDescriptionApplicationPrice
RE2602-XEarly Water PumpBentley Chassis Numbers A-GT 211
Rolls-Royce SBA-SFA
£446.51 excl. VAT
EB4204-XJointBentley Chassis Numbers A-GT 211
Rolls-Royce SBA-SFA
£5.87 excl. VAT
EB4219-XGasket4.25 Litre Engine cars£9.25 excl. VAT
RH12904-XGasket4.25 Litre Engine cars£2.03 excl. VAT
RE5771-XBack PlateBentley S1
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I
£70.00 excl. VAT
RH211-XWater PumpAll Bentley S1
Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I
£382.50 excl. VAT
UE7411-XWater PumpRolls-Royce Silver Cloud II & III
Bentley S2 & S3
£376.38 excl. VAT
RH13521-XWater PumpSilver Spirit, Mulsanne & Mulsanne S Chassis numbers 54003 on£219.30 excl. VAT
UE42285FK-XWater Pump O Ring & BoltsRolls-Royce Silver Spirit & Silver Spur (chassis 02464 to 07406)
Bentley Mulsanne (chassis 02464 to 07406)
£9.40 excl. VAT
PG56218PA-XWater Pump Red Label, Arnage T & R, Azure, Diamond & Le Mans (chassis 04100 to 99999) £219.30 excl. VAT
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