Handling kits for Rolls Royce & Bentley models from 1965 to 2003

Handling kits for early Rolls-Royce & Bentley chassis SZ models. We have a handling kit available for all SZ series models including Silver Shadow, T series, Silver Spirit, Silver Spur, Mulsanne, Eight, Turbo R, Brooklands, Flying Spur & Silver Dawn!

“Hi there & welcome back. Today we are going to talk about our handling kits. This is a handling kit for an early chassis SZ car.  The idea is, behind the handling kits, that these cars are very loose on the roads, they lean a lot when you steer and they tip a lot front and back when you’re accelerating and breaking so the idea behind that is to give you a very soft ride.. more like the kind of American car market you would expect there. That is not always great for UK roads.

What we have got here is an upgrade set of springs; these are front springs as you can see on this car they are a lot ‘beefier’ than the rears because the rear also have gas springs but this front springs are uprated from the original ones. They should still give you the same comfort and ride but a much firmer ride so that you don’t feel it leaning forward and backwards too much when accelerating and breaking. The other thing is the lean that you get when you go around a roundabout or around the corner and what the idea to stop that happening is these anti roll bars. The anti roll bars basically connects one set side of the suspension to the other side. So if you turn the corner and the weight of the car is pushing down one side of the suspension the anti roll bar will then pull down the other side that will twist, the anti roll bar will actually twist.

Depending on the strength of the anti roll bar it will affect it more or less. So the fact that this is such a strong anti roll bar it will pull down the other side more so the car doesn’t lean so much. As you can see this is a huge anti roll bar, they are heavy cars so it’s got a lot of weight to contend with so that’s the reason why it has to be so thick. The rear one less so because it hasn’t got as much weight at the back but it’s still a pretty thick anti roll bar.

Fitting this kit will improve the handing of your car significantly. Everybody who’s ever had one fitted has raved about how good it makes the car feel. What we do as well as is we supply the seats, the bushes for the anti roll bars, the drop links for the anti roll bars and also with any handling kit you get 30% off a full set of dampers as well.  You don’t need to change the dampers, if you have an early shadow with the short stroke dampers then you probably want to change the top plates, fit the long stroke dampers in conjunction with the handling kit. But if you buy the handling kit you get 30% off a set of dampers as well.

That’s pretty much all there is to say, if anyone wants to ask me any questions please feel free to comment. Have a lovely Christmas!”

Part NumberDescriptionApplicationRRP
SSARBKIT-XHandling KitSilver Shadow & T-series, Corniche Coupe 1965-80. Improved, upgraded and more comprehensive version of the Harvey Bailey kit.£1,150.00
SPARBKIT2-XHandling KitSilver Spirit series from chassis 02966 onward. Improved, upgraded and more comprehensive version of the Harvey Bailey kit.£1,195.00
SPARBKIT1-XHandling KitSilver Spirit series from chassis 01001-02965. Improved, upgraded and more comprehensive version of the Harvey Bailey kit.£1,195.00
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