Front & Rear Dampers for Rolls Royce & Bentley models from 1966 onwards

Matt details the differences between Front and Rear dampers for the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Spirit series & Bentley T series.. and how to mount them!

“Hi there & welcome back, today we are talking about suspension dampers. These are from the Silver Shadow series so from 1966 to 1980 and on. To start off the first one we have here is from the early Silver Shadow. This is the front damper and this would have been fitted to cars that had height control on the front suspension. So pre-compliant cars. This is sometimes known as the ‘short stroke’ damper.

They later moved on to the long stroke damper, which is this one. This is UR71744 and this damper is basically the same thing that was used, once they changed from the short stroke damper, they use this all the way up through the Silver Shadows and the Silver Spirits and they only changed this when they introduced the active ride suspension in 1990. So this is the main damper you will see. You have always been able to get an alternative to this damper. That was a Bilstein german damper, which we also stock. This is a Prestige Parts version, you get three year warranty and it’s basically designed to replicate the damping rate of the Bilstein damper, so this is like a replica of the Bilstein. You have never been able to get an aftermarket version of the front damper as far as I’m aware, but now you can so this is again available as a Prestige Parts with a three year warranty. This is RH3367.

This is UR71744 so that is the front suspension dampers for the Silver Shadow and Spirit pre-active ride. Then we go into the rear dampers. This is the standard 4 door and long wheel base and coupe, I believe, rear damper. Part number RH12437. This again is a replica of the Bilstein version, same damping rate, everything is the same, but the difference with these is they are actually gas filled. So when you come to fit one of these it’s very important that it goes up the right way. There is an arrow there to show you which way up should go, if you fit it upside down it won’t damper anything. Sometimes we had people call us up saying the rear dampers are not working; turn them around, and it works perfectly.

This is the one for the convertible car, again I believe this hasn’t been available as aftermarket product until now, the Prestige Parts version here has a three year warranty. I think they are a bit more fiddly to fit because the rear dampers have the ram above them and you have to take the ram off, the height control ram, that actually pushes the suspension up when you load the car. You have to remove the ram to get to the top nut, so they are a bit fiddly to fit and the convertible one is even more fiddly because you have got the hood mechanism and everything in the way there. You have got this which is RH3372 and this RH12437.

To take the front dampers out, you have to compress the spring with a special tool. There is a Rolls Royce tool available, it’s got like two semi circles; that bolt together underneath; the spring cup that sits here, they sit underneath so you can do it in situ on a car. Then you have got two rods that bolt through from the top plate; hold the spring in place and you can actually take the spring out, take the damper out quite easily. it’s a different game if you trying to decompress the spring and change the spring because it is a much bigger spring compressor that you need to use. But to change the dampers is not a big deal as long as the seat is not seized but they are available new.. new spring seats. You have to shim them to set the height right on the car, which is pretty straightforward.

At the bottom of these front dampers you have the ball joints, there is a little housing that screws on and the ball joint screws into the housing and you set the ball joint up on shims, to set the tension right. This one comes with the gasket for the top plate as part of the kit. All of these come as a kit. This one has a different top plate because it’s for the early cars with front height control, they have a hole in the top plate for another ram to screw on. A lot of people do actually modify and fit the later type of dampers which means the only thing you need to change is to change the top plate. When you change the top plate it comes with the bushes. With the rear damper, obviously the bushes are at either end and this is how it looks when they are on. This here other side of the body.

That is pretty much all I can think of.. if you would like to ask any questions, please feel free to comment below and we will try to get back to you!”

PhotoPart numberDescriptionApplicationPrice (excl. VAT)
RH12437PPRH12437-PPREAR DAMPER KITolls-Royce Silver Shadow I & II, Corniche (2-door coupe only)
Bentley T1 & T2 (4-door, & 2-door coupe)
RH3372RH3372-XREAR DAMPER KITRolls-Royce Corniche (convertible/cabriolet)
Bentley Continental (convertible/cabriolet)
UR71744PPUR71744-PPFRONT DAMPER KITRolls Royce Silver Shadow, Corniche, Silver Shadow II, Silver Spirit, Silver Spur (up to 1990)
Bentey T1, T2, Eight, Mulsanne, Turbo R Brooklands, (up to 1990)
RH3367RH3367-XFRONT DAMPER KITRolls Royce Silver Shadow (up to 11465 chassis)
Bentley T1 (up to 11465 chassis)
RH8809-ARETAINER ROAD SPRING FRONT1965-98 All models£360.50

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