Rolls-Royce & Bentley Fuel Filters: Which is right for your car?

Matt looks at the different Rolls-Royce & Bentley Fuel Filters & their model applications for all models from 1946 onwards.

“Good morning and welcome back. Today we are going to talk about Fuel Filters. We have a few variations of Fuel Filters through the years here to look at. So to start off with, this is from Bentley Mark VI, R Type, Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, Silver Dawn & also Bentley S Types and Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds. They basically all use the same element inside the Fuel Filter bowl. F86423 is the part number, you actually find two of these in the filter bowl and they are just a fine wired mesh, so most of the time if you are not getting fuel through the filter simply take it apart and you might just find that these need cleaning out. If they’re broken then you are going to be getting contaminant through so you will probably want to replace them, but if you do that, you also need to replace the seals (UR795, UR794 & UR796) which are also available. There are two of those in the filter bowl.

Then in the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow the part moves to a paper element (part number CD4299) and again it has got a fuel bowl so you can take it off, take the top off, and change the element here with the seals. Some Silver Shadows for North America will have injection, in which case they will take the Bosch type filter (part number UE74370). Then, the normal Silver Spirit carburettor cars in 1980 goes over to this Fuel Filter, the CD6137. Again, it is a paper element filter and you can drop the bowl down take it out, replace it. It is pretty straight forward & that is done in service intervals. Any carburettor cars also have the little paper filters (part number UE35892) here. Earlier cars have a little gauze again, but if they have the paper filter then it is quite good to replace these regularly because they get blocked up and stop fuel flowing through to the carburetors properly & filling up the bowls so it is worth checking those.

Then from 1987 when they introduced fuel injection they moved to this high pressure Filter. This is an inline filter, but the whole thing is just disposable. You get the copper seals (WHT002834 & SPM1522) here with it. This is UE74370, so any injected cars will have this filter, it’s just a couple of pipes going in probably switch the adaptors out from the old one but that’s pretty straightforward to change. But again if this gets blocked and you are not getting the correct pressure up to the meter head then you will find the car will not run right.

Apart from that this In-Line Fuel Filter (UE74370) runs up right into the latest series of Bentley Turbo and Rolls-Royce Spirits and maybe even Red Labels and Arnage T models. They change the filter on the Bentley Arnage model, but we have not got one of those here today. These little filters here are in-tank filters (part number UE72428) so they sit inside the fuel tank. There are a couple of different types dependent on chassis. Some cars had a little pump inside the tank called the pre-pump and they do a pre-pump elimination kit. I think one of these filters is part of that kit, but otherwise later on, they realised that the pre-pump wasn’t very good and they just moved to a filter in the tank. So you have got these two here, which is 3Z0201511 and UE72428. So they are available off the shelf. That is pretty much it for Fuel Filters & if you have any questions, please feel free to comment and we will try to answer.”

Part NumberDescriptionApplicationPrice (excl. VAT)
CD6137Fuel Filter Element & SealsModels from 1980 to 2003£12.45
UE74370Fuel FilterModels from 1965 to 2003 (fuel injected cars)£30.55
Ue72428Filter sock pre-pumpModels from 1980 to 2003£11.85
3Z0201511Fuel filter with flangeModels from 1980 to 2003£20.11
UE35892Fuel FilterModels from 1965 to 2003 (SU Carburettor only)£9.40
CD4299Fuel Filter Element & SealModels from 1965 to 1980£62.60
F86423GauzeModels from 1945 to 1965£55.10

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