Steel or Bronze Oil Pump Gear on your Rolls-Royce or Bentley?

If your Rolls-Royce or Bentley motorcar is between 1965 and 1980 and you are having to change either the Oil Pump Gear or the Crankshaft Oil Pump Gear then make sure that you are using the correct versions:

UE41034 Bronze Oil Pump Crankshaft Gear

UE42783 Steel Oil Pump gear

These parts changed from chassis number 39628 onward and the previous versions are no longer available. So if you have the steel oil pump crankshaft gear or bronze oil pump gear, you will need to upgrade them to the ones above.

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“Hi there welcome back to another technical video from IntroCar.. We are looking at the Oil Pump Gears on the V8 engines. When they were introduced initially on the Bentley S2 and S3 they had a steel Gear on the Crankshaft. This is the Crankshaft Gear and as you can see, this one is a Bronze Gear. Originally this would have been Steel & then the Drive Gear on the Oil Pump was Bronze. For some reason Rolls-Royce decided to modify that somewhere down the line. I don’t know when they were modified but now, if you try to order a replacement Bronze Oil Pump Gear you have to buy a Steel Oil Pump Gear and also a replacement Crankshaft Gear (the Bronze Gear). So that’s what you get. This is the superseded version so a Steel Oil Pump Drive Gear and a Bronze Crankshaft Gear & they go together.

We used to be able to buy aftermarket Bronze Drive Gears so you didn’t need to change the Crank Gear, but I think there might have been some issues with those. Now we recommend that you buy these, both available and in stock. That’s it for today. If anyone has anything they want us to do a video on, any questions relating to parts, modifications etc please write it in the comments below. We will try to get one done for you!”

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