Resealing or splitting a caliper? The ‘How-To’ Guide

Replacing seals or overhauling calipers? Matt explains which seals to replace when overhauling caliper part numbers UG13203 & UG13204 (front calipers). It’s the same procedure for rear brake calipers as front brake calipers.

These calipers are for:

  • Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I & II
  • Bentley T1 & T2

“Hi there welcome back so today we’re gonna talk about calipers. I’ve got a caliper here. Every 60000 miles service, and I think 90000 miles service, you are due a hydraulic service which means the calipers are all resealed and all your hydraulic hoses are replaced. And it is quiet a extensive service ’cause this hydraulic system is quite big on this cars. Just gonna take a look at the caliper here. So this one, I’ve already dismantle I’m just gonna take the screws out now a lot of the time. I don’t think you actually are recommended to open the caliper ’cause obviously they all top up and pressurised and tested in the factory. But if you do have a leak from this joint. It’s not the end of the caliper, you can reseal it. The seal kit only includes the caliper seals, that seal the pistons. So what you get in a seal kit is you get the internal O ring here. This one got no piston I have already taken out. Piston is just out of there that’s the main seal for the caliper and then there is a dust cover and a clip that goes on the outside, just to keep the dirt out. You can reseal the pistons without taking the caliper apart So you can pull the pistons out and keeping it like this. Fit new O rings and new dust covers and if the pistons are rusted and pitted then you wanna replace the piston as well. That’s that’s the normal overhaul of a caliper but if they leaking from the joint in here. You gonna need to replace this gallery seals as well. This is an early shadow caliper for non vented discs so it hasn’t got a spacer. The vented discs calipers position each other have a spacer in there that obviously make wider to go around a thicker disc. In that case, you have two gallery seals for each caliper. You don’t need to replace it, but you might as well as split the caliper. Obviously, you make sure when you done it and you putting it back together, make sure the seals are correctly positions when you put it in together and then make sure the bolts are top up. It might be worth to put a lot of tight on the bolts not sure if that recommended it not, but it saves from coming undone. Apart from that, the other thing is to make sure that you got the right seal for brake fluid or for mineral oil because you don’t want to mix the two. I’m sure everyone knows about that. And that’s all!”

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