Avoid Gearbox failure in early Rolls-Royce & Bentley models with modified bearing RG7230

If you’re rebuilding a gearbox, this square shouldered bearing is an essential modified part.

Suitable for the following models:
– Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith
– Bentley MK VI & R Type

“Hi there welcome back! This is a bearing RG7230. It’s the bearing for the third motion shaft on a Bentley Mk VI & R Type manual gearbox. The critical thing about this bearing is that the shoulder on this outer race is square. Originally they had a rounded shoulder and that meant that if there was a lot of sideways pressure it could actually break the clip that retains it or it can break out of it’s place and cause gearbox failure. So, if you’re rebuilding Mk VI, R Type manual gearboxes, then make sure you fit the modified bearing. They’re in stock – RG7230.”

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