Differential Pinion Upgrade for the Bentley Mk VI & early R Type

Part NumberDescriptionApplicationRRP
RG3508KIT-XPinion Bearing Upgrade BundleRolls-Royce Silver Dawn & Silver Wraith
Bentley MkVI & R-Type
RG3508-XBearing HousingRolls-Royce Silver Dawn & Silver Wraith
Bentley MkVI & R-Type
UG13550/1Bearing Pinion ThrustRolls-Royce Silver Dawn & Silver Wraith
Bentley MkVI & R-Type
RG3509-XFlingerRolls-Royce Silver Dawn & Silver Wraith
Bentley MkVI & R-Type

This is the pinion bearing and housing kit required to upgrade the differential pinion bearing in the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn, Silver Wraith & Bentley MkVI & R-Type from the original triple row bearing to the double bearing, as fitted by Rolls-Royce to the later differentials in these models.

Bundle contents:

  • RG3508-X Bearing Housing (x1)
  • UG13550/1-X Pinion Bearing (x2)
  • RG3509-X Flinger

“Welcome back! So the product we are looking at today is a conversion for the Bentley Mark VI and the early R Types on the Pinion Flange for the differential. So, originally they had 3 ball race bearings. That meant that they are a weaker bearing than what we convert them to. It’s more likely to cause noise and early failure. Can cause damage to the crown or the pinion eventually and they modified them at B20 SR chassis range or B2 SR chassis range so shortly after the R Type was introduced so all Mark VI cars have got the triple bearing set up which is not as good.

This flange is a modified flange for the front of the differential. It allows you to fit two Timken taper bearings. Race and roller either end. It’s a much stronger set up and obviously Bentley did it themselves so this is a modification that you want to put on any rear axle if you’re rebuilding it. The part number is RG3508KIT – that’s for the new flange and the two taper bearings and the washer.

We do sell the flange separately, we sell the bearings separately, so if you already got the modification one then everything is available already.


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